From startup to Europe’s number one provider
FlixBus acquires Megabus (Stagecoach Group plc). BritIN: six times per day from the continent to the UK Customers benefit from a larger network and green service quality.Network expansion and new target groups: FlixBus expects 50% passenger volume growth in 2016.New routes and domestic network in CEE
Munich/Berlin/London, 30/06/2016 – FlixBus is taking over Megabus´ retailing business in continental Europe. FlixBus management announced further details about the acquisition at today’s press conference in Berlin.

Launched in 2013 as a startup in Germany, FlixBus now offers the most extensive bus network in Europe with over 100,000 daily connections across 20 countries. In addition, FlixBus operates domestic networks in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

Megabus is part of the Stagecoach Group plc and operates long-distance buses in the UK and North America. In 2013, the British group first launched their cross-border routes from London to Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona. In 2014 and 2015, Megabus added domestic networks in Germany, France and Italy.

Flixbus am See - europaweit auf großer Fahrt ( Foto: Flixbus)

BritIN – six times per day connecting the UK to the Continent
The acquisition was finalised on 28 June and includes the Megabus retailing business in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Benelux, as well as cross-border services to London. As a first step, tickets for all Megabus connections will be available via FlixBus’ online ticket shop and app. Megabus will continue to operate as a FlixBus contractor. Therefore, the number of rides between London and continental Europe will increase to six journeys per day. André Schwämmlein, FlixBus founder and managing director: „Our aim is to integrate existing Megabus routes into our network by the end of this summer. Our customers will then have easy access to an even better network. “

Megabus customers to benefit from „green service quality”
Regarding the service, the green terms and conditions will continue to be adopted. André Schwämmlein: „Booking fees will be dropped, passengers will benefit from our green and high-quality service.” Cancellation or rebooking on the FlixBus website is free of charge and is possible up to 15 minutes before departure. With the FlixBus mobile app, customers can check travel information, book their ticket and use the navigation tool to find their bus stop. The digital check-in is possible via QR code.

FlixBus expects 50% passenger volume growth in 2016
In 2015, the newly introduced long-distance buses in Germany transported more passengers than domestic flights for the first time ever. Jochen Engert, FlixBus founder and managing director: “Not only by expanding our network all over Europe, but also by improving our green product, we’ve developed new target groups. In 2016, we expect a 50% growth on last year’s passenger volume. The European mobility market is still highly competitive but FlixBus has already changed the way people travel.”

FlixBus goes east – new routes connecting CEE countries
At the beginning of this year, FlixBus announced its expansion towards Central and Eastern Europe (CEE region). A few weeks ago, the startup launched its first connections in Croatia and Slovenia. From today, the new green FlixBuses are also going to link Romania’s capital Bucharest. André Schwämmlein: “The next step in the CEE region will be to add more destinations to our international network as well as domestic services in Croatia.”

Challenge startup spirit
Founded as three man operation, the FlixTeam now consists of 1,000 employees at offices in Berlin, Munich, Paris, Milan and Zagreb. As a combination of a tech-startup, e-commerce-platform and transportation company, FlixBus was able to disrupt the European travel market and beat global players on their home turf. Jochen Engert: „Our major challenge will now be to maintain our green startup spirit, despite the actual size of the company. Much of our past, current and future success has to be attributed to how motivated our team is.”

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