“Keep Miami Beach Clean” the First Comprehensive Anti-Litter Campaign the City Implements. A year after committing to become the greenest city in America, the City of Miami Beach has introduced the “Keep Miami Beach Clean” campaign, a yearlong, attention-grabbing anti-litter effort that encourages the community to keep Miami Beach in shape.
This is the first time the city implements such a robust anti-litter campaign. With the tagline “Keep Us Fit, Pick Up Your…” the city is targeting the younger, millennial generation and regional day-trippers, and aims to teach people how-to trash their trash and recycle their recyclables. The campaign has come to life through the lens of health and fitness, making a connection between exercising and tossing litter, in a city known worldwide for its healthy, active people.

“This has been a top priority of mine since I was elected two years ago,” said Commissioner Michael Grieco. “We finally have a targeted message to reinforce the importance of keeping our City beautiful.”

Keep Miami Beach clean

Throughout the year, “Keep Miami Beach Clean” will incorporate Miami Beach fitness professionals who are also residents into campaign imagery, as they keep fit while properly disposing their trash. The city has also partnered with local, reputable fitness brands, such as greenmonkey® yoga to help gain awareness for its initiative in the community, both online and offline.

Cigarette butts, dog waste, plastic bags, Styrofoam and plastic straws are some of the major contributors of litter in Miami Beach. It’s estimated that 8,000 pounds of trash appear on the county’s beaches every day, affecting local wildlife such as sea turtles, migratory birds, and manatees. Natural resources affected include canals, waterways, sand dunes and just over 7 miles of white, sandy beaches.

Along with the new campaign, the city has introduced fines for littering. For litter violations that take place on a beach or park within the city, or on a city marina, pier, dock, or boat ramp, the civil fines will be as follows:

First offense within a 12-month period: $1,500.00 civil fine;
Second offense within a 12-month period: $2,500.00 civil fine; and
Third or subsequent offense within a 12-month period: $3,500.00 civil fine.

These anti-litter efforts reinforce the city’s initiatives to make Miami Beach the greenest city in America. Last month, the Miami Beach City Commission passed an ordinance that requires green building certification for new construction or payment into a sustainability and resiliency fund in lieu of certification. Other initiatives have included installing Big Belly dual recycling bins in high pedestrian traffic areas and enhancing the dune system to provide a natural habitat that protects the city’s waterfront.

Campaign efforts will range from placing signs on garbage cans located throughout Miami Beach that show people how-to put trash in the can doing fitness moves, advertisements in both English and in Spanish, community and beach clean ups, activations at leading Miami Beach events, to partnerships with schools in Miami Beach, among other happenings.

“As the chairperson for the city’s sustainability and resiliency committee, I am excited we are being so proactive in our stance against litter by developing such an engaging campaign,” said Commissioner Micky Steinberg.

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