Brisbane will host Australia’s largest annual tourism trade event, the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE), for the first time in almost two decades in 2025. The event will take place at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Center from Monday 28 April to Thursday 1 May 2025, with the Queensland capital confirmed as host city for the first time since 2007. This will be the fourth time Brisbane has hosted ATE, having previously held it in 2001, 2002 and 2007.

With wholesalers and retailers from around 30 countries attending each event, Federal Minister for Trade and Tourism, Senator Don Farrell, highlighted the importance of ATE to Australia’s tourism industry. “The Australian Tourism Exchange is a key event for Australian tourism businesses to sell their products and show the world why there’s no place like Australia,” Farrell said.

Brisbane will be next year’s ATE host city

Brisbane will be next year’s ATE host city

“As Queensland prepares to host the 2032 Olympic Games, it is great to see ATE returning to Brisbane next year, connecting international buyers and local businesses to capitalize on the Green and Gold Decade.

“Queensland is home to some of the most beautiful and authentic Australian experiences and will be an excellent host for ATE in 2025.”

As Australians’ most popular holiday destination, Queensland is a perfect host for the big party.

Philipa Harrison at ATE 2024

Philipa Harrison at ATE 2024

“ATE is the premier event for our industry and we can’t wait to welcome hundreds of international buyers and sellers back to Brisbane, with the city booming in new tourism infrastructure and opportunities,” said Queensland Tourism Minister Michael Healy.

“Queensland always puts on a great show for ATE and we know that when we host, demand is high for our incredible introductory and events programme.

“We have previously helped Tourism Australia achieve one of the highest delegation numbers in the event’s history and we look forward to reaching new heights in 2025.”

Meanwhile, Tourism Australia chief executive Phillipa Harrison said next year’s event will be particularly relevant as tourism has almost fully recovered.

Bingo, TEQ CEO Patricia O’Callaghan, TA MD Phillipa Harrison, Brisbane EDA CEO Anthony Ryan and Bluey

Bingo, TEQ CEO Patricia O’Callaghan, TA MD Phillipa Harrison, Brisbane EDA CEO Anthony Ryan and Bluey

“Melbourne has once again done a great job hosting ATE and we look forward to bringing this great event to Queensland, where there are so many tourism operators and experiences,” Ms Harrison said.

“By the time ATE returns to Brisbane next year, we expect the Australian tourism industry will have surpassed the 2019 figures we benchmarked and will once again be firmly focused on the future.”

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) CEO Patricia O’Callaghan said ATE would make the state a lot of money.
“We are proud to be Australia’s number one holiday destination, so it’s great to welcome ATE back to Queensland, which we estimate will benefit the Queensland economy by $8.5 million,” noted Ms O ‘Callaghan up.

“Queensland hosts many important trade events as we understand how important they are to our state’s growing tourism industry, but it’s fair to say that ATE is the cream of the crop.

“The long-term benefits of ATE are substantial – the relationships and future business it creates will help us achieve our goal of reaching $44 billion in lodging spend by 2032.”

Brisbane Economic Development Agency CEO Anthony Ryan said Brisbane was pleased to host ATE after an absence of 18 years.

“This is the time for Brisbane. Hosting ATE will provide Brisbane with an invaluable platform to shine on the world stage, with tourism operators across the country able to connect and do business with international buyers from around the world in our city,” he added .

“We look forward to welcoming ATE 2025, and we are ready to present a plethora of new attractions, hotels, dining experiences and cultural gems across Brisbane, ensuring an unforgettable visit for all attendees.”

ATE25 is organized by Tourism Australia with TEQ and Brisbane EDA.

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