The most significant tourist event in the country and southeastern Europe, the 43rd International Tourism Fair, is planned to take place from the 24th – 27th of February 2022 at the Belgrade Fair.
The need for people to meet is greater than ever, and the positive climate is growing stronger in the domain of the desire to travel. In the moment of greatest growth and expansion of all types of tourism in Serbia, and after one of the most successful versions of the Tourism Fair from 2020, the global health crisis occurred, which hit the tourism economy the hardest. On the other hand, tourism showed its sustainability and found a model and measures in which tourists, respecting the healthcare recommendations, will be able to continue travelling.
The Belgrade Fair has, following international tourism fairs in the world of which he is a long-term partner, and who have already been organized or announced in the era of a “new reality”, decided by joining forces with all relevant tourist factors in the country, to organize the International Tourism Fair IFT and all following exhibitions.

Opening Belgrade Tourism Fair

The Tourism Fair will be directed towards the recovery and renewal of the tourist ambiance, as well as the promotion of trends and innovations which will shape the future of the tourism industry. With the fair a wave of new energy will move, and through establishing contacts and networking of participants, the direction of achieving better business results will be traced.

Traditionally, at the fair most significant tourist agencies will participate, as well as, associations and organizations, hotels, tourist centers, airlines, international tour-operators, while focusing on business contacts from the country, region, as well as traditional markets where our people travel and those from which the largest number of tourists comes, the Tourism Fair will create and ambiance in which offer and demand will be connected.

Specially relying on the fact that Serbia as a tourist destination has continued with its rapid development, investing in infrastructure, large private investments in the hotel industry in city, spa and mountain centers, and also with smaller from entrepreneurs in countryside tourism, an additional privilege is that the Tourism Fair will practically lean on the promotion of Serbian tourism at the World exhibition „EXPO 2020 DUBAI“. Namely, from the 9th to the 15th of January 2022 a theme week dedicated to tourism will take place, where in realization of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and the Tourist organization of Serbia, businessmen will present themselves from the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as institutions and organizations from the area of tourism, with a goal of establishing a business cooperation primarily on the Emirates market and the entire world.

National and international Exhibitors and Visitors at the Belgrade Tourism Fair

In such an already current promotion of Serbian tourism in the world, the Belgrade Tourism Fair will continue to, with three more similar events which will take place simultaneously (the 12 the International Wine Fair – BEOWINE from the 25th – 26th of February, the 17th International Hotel-Hospitality Equipment Fair HORECA-EQUIPMENT and the 17th Souvenir Fair from the 24th – 27th of February), presents exclusive fair offers for travelling and vacation, state of the art equipment for hotels and catering facilities, gastronomical specialties of this area and the tasting of the finest wines and rakia (brandy).

A fair with a long tradition, regional reputation and trust of participants and visitors, is one of the most successful events of the Belgrade Fair and the trademark of the city of Belgrade.

BeoWine at the Belgrade Tourism Fair

Bearing in mind the enthusiasm and energy which the organizers and the participants and visitors show in pre-fair atmosphere, the upcoming Tourism Fair will be successful.

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