During a Press Conference at the RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort Chiang Mai Hotel TCEB North (Thailand Convention and Event Bureau) informend about the reopening of Chiang Mai for the international and national MICE-Industry.
Dr. Chuta Tharachai, Director, Northern Region Office, Thailand TCEB hold the welcome speech and told the journalist how beautifull Chiang Mai and the region is and invited Guests for events and to visit again after the opening of Chiang Mai now after the pandemic. Dr.Chuta Tharachai also announced the coming event “Chiang Mai Alive Business Forum 2021 and invited to participate.
On the panel also have spoken: Khun Julanit Wangwiwat ( President, Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce); Khun La-iad Bungsrithong (President, Thai Hotels Association Northern Chapter); Khun Hans van den Born (Executive Director, Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce); Khun Suphakarn Varinpramote, Regional Manager, Northern Region Office ( TCEB)

TCEB informend about the Chiang Mai Alive Business Forum on the 25th November

During the past 2 years, Covid-19 has hit a hard chord on Chiang Mai. But the city is on the move for a rebound. Businesses, amid hardship, still soar; there’s a way out yet for this city of resilience and beauty. Chiang Mai is ALIVE. – Alive from the underground buzz of the health-tech startup ecosystem following the growth of health innovation districts. Alive from the continued development in the gastronomy/agrofood scene; a closer collaboration between small-scale farmers, growers, restaurants, and education institutes completing the whole supply chain. Alive from new ventures in the creative industries; the support of many government agency matchmakers to revitalize local districts in the heart of town. Alive from the re-building of its tourism/MICE industry towards a more sustainable future.

The Organiser of the Ciang Mai Alive Business Forum 2021 on stage at the press conference

TCEB, The Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau is the core government agency supporting the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions/Events) industry in Thailand. Towards economic development, with MICE as the main driver and key mechanism, one of TCEB’s focus is to elevate the agenda towards city development via MICE. Chiang Mai is soon to be re-certificated as Thailand’s leading MICE city. To mark this occasion and support the re-opening of ‘Charming Chiang Mai’ as a Bleisure (Business / Leisure) destination, TCEB will be organizing the largest hybrid convention following the re-opening of the city, the Chiang Mai Alive Business Forum 2021, on the 25th November 2021 at the Northern Science Park.

Khun La-iad President of THA Thailand Hotel Assc. (left) and the event organiser Khun Paula Wong from PaulaDMC

Here are the Alive sectors that TCEB aim to focus in Chiang Mai for the event:
● Gastronomy/Agrofood
● Health/Wellness
● Creative industries
● Tourism/MICE
Purpose of the event:
● Support the re-opening of Charming Chiang Mai as a ‘Bleisure’ (Business / Leisure) destination
● Using MICE as as tool to induce international business synergies between local businesses, associations and international companies viathe network of the bilateral chambers of commerce in Thailand
● Encourage the bilateral chambers and international companies towards business opportunities in Chiang Mai in the four focus sectors: Gastronomy/Agrofood,Health/Wellness, Creative industries, Tourism/MICE that will in-turn contribute to local economic development and business synergies
● Celebrate the re-certification of Chiang Mai as Thailand’s leading MICE city

What the event has to offer:
● Meet 200+ fellow entrepreneurs, established players, SMEs, and Startups – Chiang Mai- based and all around Thailand via the international chamber networks and top business associations
● Learn from local industry champions: Thai and international companies, on the happenings and trends in Gastronomy/Agrofood, Health/Wellness, Creative Industries, Tourism/MICE in Chiang Mai
● Find out WHY Chiang Mai from business perspectives of many who have started their entrepreneurial journey here
● For Chiang Mai-based companies – this is your chance to connect with potential international business partners from all around Thailand; from the international biz community (NL, USA, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Belgium, France, and more) to Bangkok- & Central Thailand-based companies
The event can be joined on-site and online via registration through bit.ly/3DkZVhR.
The event organisers
Event program & Speakers’ line-up:

12:30 Registration

TCEB North and Chiang Mai is inviting to attend the Chiang Mai Alive Business Forum

13:15 Welcome & Opening Addresses by:

● Khun Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)
● Khun Tanyanuparb Anantana, Direction, Northern Science Park
● Khun Kanchaka Suvanish, Vice-President, Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce
● Khun Stanley Kang Chairman, Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT)
● Khun Hans van den Born, Executive Director, Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC)
13:45 Group photo of VIPs & speakers

14:00 1st Session: Gastronomy & Agrofood

● Ryan Doran, Co-Founder & CEO, Cannabiz Agronomics / “Hemp, the new frontier of sustainable agriculture”
● Lee Ayu Chuepa, Founder, Akha Ama Coffee / “The journey of coffee culture in Chiang Mai: from social to business impact”
● Assoc. Prof. Yuthana Phimolsiripol, Director, Food Innovation & Packaging Center (FIN), Chiang Mai University / “Lanna Gastronomy into the future: Incubating food entrepreneurs”
● Smith Taweelerdniti, CEO, Let’s Plant Meat / “Chiang Mai, home & hub for R&D for
food innovation: a plant-based entrepreneurial journey”
14:50 2nd Session: Health & Wellness

● Dr. Surat Tanprawate, Founder, Smile Migraine / “The growing ecosystem of
health/med tech entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai”
● Chanawat Sinthukiow, Chairman, The Federation of Thai Spa & Wellness Association / “Exporting Lanna soft power through spa/wellness experience”
● Christian Barmen, CEO & Chairman, Recharge Health / “From local to global: building a medical device company from the heart of Hang Dong, Chiang Mai”
15:10 Coffee break

15:30 3rd Session: Creative industries

● Assoc. Prof. Chiranthanin Kitika, Lecturer & Community Builder, Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University / “Co-creating business/social impact, locals x creative entrepreneurs: CHANG MOI is coming!”
● Kittima Chareeprasit, Curator, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum / “Art ecosystem in Chiang Mai, contrasting with the world”
● Julian Huang, Co-Founder, Weave Artisan Society / The future of community
spaces and creative hubs: a hybridized model”
● Pongphet Wongyimyong, Founder & CEO, Nuer Sang Art & Architect / “Chiang Mai creative ecosystem: what’s up next?”
● Martin Venzky Stalling, Senior Advisor, CMU STeP / “Creative Chiang Mai: data and the creation of creative businesses in Chiang Mai”
16:20 4th Session: Tourism & MICE

● Dr. Chuta Tharachai, Director, Northern Region Office, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) / “MICE and the city: making economic social, and cultural waves of impact”
● Peerachai Asadachatreekul, Senior Manager, MICE Intelligence and Innovation Department, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) / Opening the realms of possibilities with MICE innovation
● John Ho, Co-Founder, Alt_Chiangmai coliving space / “Chiang Mai: city of
● Sittipong Wongsomboon, Project Lead, Charming Chiang Mai / “Rebuilding post- Covid, the creation of CHARMING CHIANG MAI”
● Takerng Osirichaivet, CEO, TAGTHAi / “Travel-tech, towards a more sustainable future for travel in Thailand”

The press conference was managed by the wellknown Eventorganisation Paula & Co.

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