Meliá Hotels International recently announced that it has signed agreements to add several new hotels with local partners in the increasingly friendly Asia Pacific region, bringing the company’s total number of properties in that part of the world up to 45. It has been somewhat of a fast rise for Meliá Hotels International in the Asia Pacific region, as the company has added more than 30 hotels in that area within the past five years, a fivefold increase for its portfolio there.
Meliá Hotels is a long-tenured Spanish hotel chain with roots that date back to 1956, and it is the latest in a long line of hospitality company to make strides toward increasing its footprint in the Asia Pacific region. Of the hotels that Meliá now has in the Asia Pacific region, there are 16 in Indonesia, 10 in China (which is one of the quickest developing hospitality markets in the entire world), seven in Vietnam, five in Malaysia, four in Thailand, one in Mongolia, and one in Myanmar. Meliá ownership says that it expects to add even more hotels in the area before the year is over.

What is notable about this growth is that Meliá Hotels International’s growth strategy in the Asia Pacific region is focused almost entirely on new management agreements rather than acquisitions. It’s an interesting approach, one that competitors might be anxious to duplicate. Establishing a larger foothold in the Asia Pacific region is a major priority for many in the hospitality space, as travel within that region has continued to surge.

Gabriel Escarrer Jaume

According to industry experts and analysts, these latest additions are in line with the company’s priority strategy for the region, specifically the new management agreements signed by Gabriel Escarrer, which are aimed at strengthening Meliá’s existing relationships with financial and real state groups in the region, such as Greentown China, TCC-Land in Thailand and Aurelian Land.

In terms of China, the company will be adding a new hotel under the Meliá Hotels and Resorts Brand. Meliá Xueye Lake, which is in the Shandong province, is next to the Ji’nan where Meliá already operates the Meliá Jinan. Meanwhile, in Thailand, Meliá has added pair of new properties, specifically the Meliá Chiang Mai and Innside Bangkok Sukhumvit, which marks the company’s second hotel in the capital on top of the pre-existing Meliá Bangkok, which was signed back in 2016.

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