José Carlos de Santiago Bartolomé, president and editor of the Grupo Excelencias, will be the delegate in Cuba.Termatalia increases its network of international delegations to cover all the countries in which there is developing the health and wellness tourism. In this occasion, it incorporates Cuba into an own delegation in José Carlo de Santiago´s hands. With this new annexation, the International Fair already possesses a network of 25 delegations in 31 countries of 4 continents.
José Carlos de Santiago studied Law, he is an Economy and Marketing doctor and Master in Exterior Trade, Corporate Communication, Tourist Communication, Management of Mass Media. He has been a speaker and panelist in diverse round tables and fair´s panels and international events linked to the tourism and the gastronomy, alternative tourism and tourist communication, and in addition he is hidrosumiller. He has a wide curriculum of which is remarkable to the realization of the functions as president – editor of Exclusivas Latinoamericanas since 1997 to the Grupo Excelencias, coordinating and directing all the shares of promotion, communication, advertising and commercialization. From 2000 to 2009, de Santiago directed the Aruba Tourism Office for Spain and Portugal and he takes the tourist advice and the management of travel agencies for Down Under since 2005.

This new incorporation to Termatalia´s international network, covering the area of Cuba, answers to the interest of the organization of the International Fair to extend its strategic network of contacts and to generate new opportunities in countries that are betting to the future of the Health and Wellness Tourism and the valuation of their natural resources, especially, the water.

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