42 km around the city, 42 things to do in 42 hours in Tel Aviv. It is the Nonstop City, where people party nonstop. Once a year, they add to the nonstop party the Tel Aviv Marathon – the biggest sporting event in Israel with 40,000 participants, this year taking place on the 26th of February, 2016.
This year, the Tel Aviv Marathon is an urban route and the 42 km will intertwine with the city’s beating heart. We recommend runners to not only catch a glimpse of the main square, a remarkable restaurant and run the 42km, but to stay in Tel Aviv for 42 hours to experience the city. In the morning, run past a trendy bar in the marathon, and in the evening, sit there and enjoy a drink.

The Tel Aviv Marathon’s route begins at the Tel Aviv Convention Center located in northern Tel Aviv. The course leads the runners to the Tel Aviv boardwalk and the opportunity to run along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and white sandy beaches. The route is also a run through history when it arrives in Jaffa, Tel Aviv’s old city and one of the most ancient port cities in the world. At this point the track routes in to the city center, usually bustling with activity but on the day of the marathon the Nonstop City stops to cheer the runners on.

Here are 42 things to do in 42 hours in Tel Aviv:
1. Run the Tel Aviv Marathon!
2. Relax on 14 km of white sandy beaches and swim in the Mediterranean Sea.
3. Jaffa is one of the most ancient active ports in the world; every visit to Tel Aviv must include a long stroll through the streets of Jaffa, and its wonderful flea market and amazing fish restaurants and fishermen.
4. Enjoy the street library on Rothschild Blvd. with lounge chairs and free books.
5. Walk the streets of Florentin neighborhood, recently awarded one of the most hipster neighborhoods in the world and get a glimpse of great graffiti.
6. Ride our Tel-O-Fun bike sharing system across the flat, beach-side city.
7. Run your practice run before the marathon from Tel Aviv Port to Jaffa Port along the beach promenade.
8. Very close to the Marathon’s kick-off point you can board our hot air balloon and overlook the whole marathon’s route.
9. Stretch out before and after the marathon at one of our open-air gym facilities.
10. Try to follow the steps at Israeli folk dancing near Gordon beach.
11. Play matkot (the Israeli version of beach paddle ball) on Metzizim beach.
12. Get a glimpse of the whole city from the highest observatory at the Middle East at “Mitzpe 49″.
13. Breakfast in Tel Aviv is served all day long. 24/7 breakfast at Benedict.
14. You must be sports fans if you are in town for the marathon – be sure to visit the Olympic experience.
15. Hop on a roller coaster at the Luna Park.
16. You must eat at this Israeli chef’s eatery where everything goes in a pita, Hamiznon.
17. If you’re already at the beach, why not visit the Tel Aviv Port? Shops, food, great atmosphere and beautiful people are waiting for you there.
18. Go back in time where old meets new at Hatachana
19. This pizza is famous for its squares: Tony Vespa.
20. The small, narrow streets of Neve Tzedek, one of the most beautiful places in Tel Aviv nick-named ‘Little Paris’.
21. Experience the old vs. the new in Tel Aviv on Rothschild Blvd.: startup companies alongside original Bauhaus style architecture.
22. Visit the Independence Hall where the State of Israel was declared.
23. How about some Thai flavors? Eat at the Thai House.
24. Try fresh juice from juice stands to freshen up with freshly squeezed from a variety of local fruits.
25. Rush over after the marathon to view the Flamenco dance show by “Los Vivancos”.
26. This bar won an award for the best bar in the Middle East – Imperial Cocktail Bar.
27. Enjoy the show by “Voca People”.
28. You can try Israeli music, with Israel legendary singer Shalom Hanoch.
29. Maybe a rock concert? The Israeli band Monica Sex is on.
30. And if you want some international music, it’s available also Greg Dullin is coming to perform at Tel Aviv.
31. If art is your thing, you can check out the exhibitions presented in town around the variety of museums like The Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
32. You must bear gifts while returning home! The best place for arts and crafts is the artist market at Nachlat Binyamin.
33. Visit the authentic Ha’carmel Market and try our local delight: Halva!
34. Definitely try Hummus in Abu Hassan.
35. The city’s main square is Rabin Square, hosting the Tel Aviv Marathon Expo.
36. The best Asian food in Tel Aviv: Taizu.
37. Eat in one of the 400 vegan-friendly restaurants across town.
38. Visit the beautiful Sarona Compound.
39. You can even wakeboard at LakeTLV.
40. Have a glass of wine at Jajo Bar to kick off the night.
41. Even when you are in an urban sphere, you can experience nature in an innovative way at a night safari.
42. Welcome the Shabbat in at Drummer Beach, adjacent to the Dolphinarium beach,

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