ITE & MICE – Travel Fair to tap big source markets of Hong Kong and southern China. From Travel Industry Council (TIC) Hong Kong, luxury tours in Christmas 2015 to all destinations cost 6% more, but luxury tour to Europe up 17% while ordinary 6% more! These numbers reflect the popularity of Europe as destination and luxury travel in Hong Kong which is a substantial source market!
In 2014 Hong Kong, whose citizens can visit over 140 countries and regions including EU without visa, spent US$22.1 billion on international travel and ranked Asia’s 4th largest / World’s 15th largest!

For examples, Hong Kong outbound in 2014 to Australia totaled 201,600, to UK 158,886 and to Canada 141,852. These figures are likely based on those using Hong Kong passports but many Hongkongers have and may use second passport, for example over 3 million with British National Overseas Passport. Also, many destinations group arrivals from Hong Kong into those of China.

Hong Kong’s only travel fair, ITE & MICE draws in two trade days 12000 buyers and trade visitors with 18% from mainland China mainly Guangdong so exhibitors can conduct trade promotion and channel sale to regional visitors; and in two public days 78000 visitors with 81% prefer FIT and 5% private tour groups so good for public promotions and direct sale. Thus, exhibitors can cover and promote to source markets of Hong Kong & Southern China, and to travel trade & FIT in one travel fair of ITE & MICE! Accordingly, we offer B2B and B2C programs consisting of free and optional services.

Our ITE & MICE 2015 drew from 50 countries and regions 607 exhibitors with 85% from abroad, which included official pavilions, say from Europe, of France, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia (Zagreb) etc and independent exhibitors from other European countries. Also, ITE & MICE focuses on Affluent Travel and a good reflection is the wide popularity of theme travels and FIT. Below are findings from surveys on trade and public visitors of ITE & MICE 2015.

THEMES Overseas Wedding Wellness & Medical Sport Cruise Travel Photography
Trade Visitors 24% 14% 23% 28% 22%
Public Visitors 13% 11% 29% 25% 50%

ITE & MICE 2016, which combines the 30th ITE (leisure) and the 11th ITE MICE, will be held from June 16 to 19 at Halls 1A to 1E of the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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