Daniel Miranda, director of the Congress Palace of Vigo, Galicia, Spain, on an interview giving to CONEXO, predicts a great congress demand at the new facilities of the city of Vigo. On the other hand, the managing company of the palace, Congrevigo, has been integrated to the city’s Convention Bureau, which has presented its plan for 2011. Miranda has been the chosen person to direct the new course of the brand new Vigo’s Congress Palace, foreseen to be ready for January, once the works have finished.

Miranda plans the official opening to be in March, since from the moment the building is ready in January it is needed at least a month to make running tests of all the facilities and equipment.

The first important event to be held in the congress palace will be MITM Euromed, from April 27th to 29th, 2011, and its importance is not due to the number of participants, but for the quality of these, since they are congress organizers, decision makers, incentive houses and MICE professionals from all Europe, USA, Mexico and Brazil. By attending MITM, they will be able to know by first hand the touristic and congress capacity that Vigo and its new congress palace have.

This is the XV edition of MITM and the second time it takes place in Vigo, where it was held back in 1998, at the Fair Grounds.

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