Chairman of the KRRiT: we immediately agreed on the details of cooperation within the framework of the Warsaw Declaration. “One for all – all for one” – this well-known maxim, according to the head of the KRRiT, is to be the foundation of the Warsaw Declaration signed yesterday, uniting the countries of Central Europe in the fight against Kremlin’s propaganda. The signatories of the agreement will, among others, support each other in straightening out false information that affects the image of their countries or falsifies history.

During the second day of the summit “Stop Disinformation and Russian Propaganda”, the signatories of the Warsaw Declaration discussed the earliest possible implementation of its provisions and the first joint initiatives carried out internationally. The declaration, signed yesterday at the Royal Castle by representatives of institutions regulating the media market in Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia, sets the framework for close cooperation between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in order to limit and expose the Kremlin’s propaganda.

Conference KRRiT

Conference KRRiT

“During today’s meeting, we reached an agreement on all financial and operational issues without any difficulties, including setting a budget for our activities and appointing a specific person from each country responsible for the quick and efficient exchange of information” – said Maciej Świrski, chairman of the National Broadcasting Council.

One of the main mechanisms of the Warsaw Declaration will be solidarity with regulators to whom global information or search platforms, such as YouTube and Google, are subject, in defense of the interests and good name of each of the signatories to this document.

“This is a very valuable record because so far countries from our region have been alone in the fight against Russian propaganda, which, unfortunately, is often reproduced in the West,” Maciej Świrski noted.

It was also decided that public opinion in the countries covered by the agreement would be informed every two months about the effects of joint efforts and the latest attempts by the Kremlin or Belarus to misinform their societies.

“This will be served by a special platform for communication and straightening out disinformation, modeled on the # FakeHunter website run by the Polish Press Agency,” the KRRiT chairman added.

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