Two negative headlines are currently not only preoccupying the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Thailand
From February 1, 2022, PayPal will stop payment transactions to and from Thailand via private accounts!
From October 2021 to March 2022, international airlines canceled a little more than 80 percent of their flight slots to and from Thailand, which means more than 80 percent fewer flight options!
For tourists, but also for many citizens in Thailand, life is becoming more and more difficult. Where is the current government and the king heading the country – nobody knows for sure and many fear the worst.
Thailand has a few fewer corona cases, but it cannot get the pandemic under control – like many other countries. The country began to open up a little this November, but those entering and leaving the country have enormous difficulties with the regulations, requirements and quarantine regulations. Only experienced and well-willed travelers take on these hardships.

The Thai tourism industry in trouble - the tuk tuk wobbles - but hope is still great and the Thais master the misery with a smile

In addition, there is the news that PayPal, a very popular international payment method, will discontinue the service from and from Thailand for private customers from February 1, 2022. So far there have only been rumors about the reasons, some experts speak of too much money laundering and others think it could be due to the country’s new financial guidelines.

A big problem for many tourists, Thais, expats and the many European pensioners who live in Thailand. Until now it was easy to send money from Europe to Thailand quickly and cheaply.
However, some people affected have the opportunity to register a business in Thailand and can then continue to use PayPal as a business account – but which foreigner can do that?

The second bad news comes from the Thai airports. They report more than 80% cancellations of the slots (flight connections) of international airlines to and from Thailand from October 2021 to March 2022. That means 80% fewer international flights, which in turn means fewer people can travel to and from Thailand. These few flights are then also much more expensive!

The effects on tourism as a whole and thus the revenue in the kingdom cannot yet be precisely determined. In any case, the government’s hoped-for numbers will not be achieved!

After the many lockdowns, another knockout blow for the many people and families who have to live from the tourism income.

Many thousands are already gnawing on starvation and suffering because of a lack of work and income. Some shops and restaurants, but also many hotels that are currently closed due to Corona, will probably no longer open at all, say many owners. Thousands of people have already left the tourist strongholds and have gone back to their old home regions where they have to look for less well-paid work in the fields.

With each passing day of lockdown, prohibitions and negative news, life for the people of the Kingdom keeps getting worse and personal and economic crises loom.

One can only hope that the millions of Thailand lovers from all over the world will stick with them and return to the vacation paradise as soon as possible.

Tourism has to save lives and the economy through income brought into the country. (… and not only in Thailand)

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