Turkish Airlines has announced its 2017 November passenger and cargo traffic results. The global carrier reached the highest Load Factor in November with 79.5% LF.The Evaluation of November 2017 Traffic Results; Total Load Factor improved significantly by 5.4 points to 79.5% with an increase of 9% in available seat kilometre, while international LF increased by 5.6 points to 78.6% ( November 2015 LF: 74.3%)
Double digit growth in demand (revenue per kilometer) that commenced in July, kept on with 17.1% demand growth.

Total number of passengers carried went up by 18.4% reaching 5.3 million passengers. Compared to November 2015, number of passengers carried increased by 13.4% and demand increased by 12.4%.

Excluding international-to-international transfer passengers (transit passengers), number of international passengers went up by 20.2%.

In November, cargo/mail volume increased by 26.9%, compared to November 2016. Main contributors to the growth in cargo/mail volume, are Europe with 33.8% increase and Far East with 31.8% increase.

In November, Load Factor increased for all regions. North America, Middle East, Far East and Africa showed visible growth among other regions with 8 points, 6.4 points, 5.8 points and 5.7 points increase, respectively.
The evaluation of January-November 2017 Traffic Results;

During January-November, increase in demand and total number of passengers was 7.2% and 8.3%, respectively, over the same period of last year. Total number of passengers reached to 63.1 million.

During January-November, total Load Factor improved by 4.6 points up to 79.1%, while international Load Factor increased by 5 points, up to 78.3%.

Cargo/mail carried increased by 26.3% and reached to 1 million tonnes, thanks to the strong pick up in cargo/mail volume in January-November period.

Established in 1933 with a fleet of five aircraft, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines is a 4-star airline today with a fleet of 329 (passenger and cargo) aircraft flying to 300 destinations worldwide with 251 international and 49 domestic. According to the 2017 Skytrax survey, Turkish Airlines, already having a six consecutive years of “Best Airline in Europe” award between 2011-2016, now chosen as the “Best Airline in Southern Europe” for the ninth consecutive times. Having won the “Best Economy Class Onboard Catering” award in 2010, Turkish Airlines also awarded as the World’s “Best Business Class Onboard Catering” in 2013, 2014 and 2016, and 2017. Winning the “World’s Best Business Class Lounge” award in 2015 and 2017, the global carrier also picked up the World’s “Best Business Class Lounge Dining” award for the third consecutive years according to this year’s survey results. lines.

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