Corporate event decision-makers together for the first time in an international association: UNICEO®.Members are exclusively decision-makers, directors of marketing and communication responsible for events and representing major international companies. The main objective of UNICEO® is to provide an exchange platform for senior leaders of the industry.
Based in Geneva, United Networks of International Corporate Event Organizers – UNICEO® is a nonprofit international association that brings together seniors responsible for corporate events organization in blue chip international companies.
The initiative comes from a group of seniors decision-makers responsible for the planning, organization, marketing, communication and procurement for corporate events (seminars, conventions, meetings, conferences, incentive programs, etc.) in their companies.
Marketing and Communication budget reductions, evolution of the demand and the advent of new digital technologies have forced them to exert greater control over their suppliers, particularly intermediaries leading to a significant increase in their workload and new needs for strategic, operational and management solutions.

In this context, UNICEO® is conceived with the objective of enabling its members to make the most of collective intelligence and to adapt to a constantly changing business environment.

Through UNICEO®, members gain the opportunity to network and meet to share experiences, knowledge and professional skills, and to discuss best practices with peers in other companies sharing the same needs. They save time in their daily work, acquire new knowledge and professional skills, broaden and energize their network, drive their purchase strategy and gain influence in the industry.

At the first General Assembly, the Committee chose Mrs. Debora Piovesan from Daiichi Sankyo as UNICEO International’s first Vice – President.
UNICEO® is born in a sector which, until now, had no association bringing together corporate event decision-makers for large companies.

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