A leading institution in Turkey and throughout the region in the field of ice rinks, ski slopes and cable car systems, ICE PARK gets ready to participate at EMITT 2014 Exhibition on exclusive accommodations with the aim of making winter tourism a trademark. In addition to the setting up of the large ski rink all visitors, ICE PARK will take the first of its kind initiative to set up the special ICE PARK KIDS ski slopes for children at the fairgrounds.
ICE PARK, in charge of setting up ice rinks, ski slopes and cable car systems at EMITT, the East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition to be held for the 18th time at TÜYAP Fairgrounds form January 30 to February 2, 2014, is aiming to further expand its existing international field of operations.
Offering various services extending beyond the expected in the sector, ICE PARK expands into the international market with permanent ice rinks, mobile ice rinks, ski slopes, cable car systems, in addition to more daring sports facilities, also adds ICE PARK KIDS slopes set up especially for children at 2014 EMIT Exhibition. ICE PARK Marketing and Sales Executive Nil Kara, touching upon EMITT’s importance for ICE PARK, highlights that they seek to participate and maintain a stronger relationship with EMITT especially since it has opened its doors to winter tourism, in order to gain more domestic and international recognition.

Mobile ice rinks for all kinds of events
Revealing that they will display a wide range of products at EMITT, Kara adds that mobile ice rinks are systems that can be assembled and disassembled easily over unused swimming pools especially during the winter and on top of other sporting facilities and empty public lots.
In addition to its advantage of being set up without difficulty, Kara also maintains that they offer all guidance from training services to issuing patents for their mobile ice rinks, the leading choices for festivities, year-end events, as well as fairs and organizations.
A special ski slope for children at the Exhibition
ICE PARK KIDS is a completely separate ICE PARK item updates Kara, inviting all kids to ICE PARK KIDS ski slopes to be assembled explicitly for children, in addition to the larger ice rink to be set up for all visitors at 2014 EMITT Exhibition.
Kara argues that there is a need for separate children’s section at ski resorts throughout Turkey, stressing that one of the leading reasons for their participation at this exhibition is to create more awareness and to influence ski resorts and investors to take notice of this shortcoming.

Real Snow at ICE PARK fair grounds
Kara further conveys that they have set up various ice rink centers inside and outside of Istanbul to date, and that ski slopes and cable car systems are underway throughout Turkey following their most recent ice rink at Ordu’s Çarşamba Region. She, in the meantime, surprises all by revealing that they will have real snow at 2014 EMITT fairgrounds in addition to ice hockey and other shows on ice awaiting all visitors.

ICE PARK can assemble up all types of ice rinks ranging in sizes from 200m2 to 10,000m2 says Kara, adding that having Europe’s largest ski resort contractors as partners provide various advantages in this front. She further asserts that they are also able to display their strength in various subsidiary industries as in heating for indoor and outdoor pools in addition to their propensity in ski slope assembly, due to leading partner companies’ backing in all these fields.

Winter tourism becomes a trademark with EMITT
Ekin Fair Director Hacer Aydın, lending support to the fact that Turkey has the potential to spread its holiday concept to four seasons due to its seasonal wealth, meanwhile, emphasized that they will be raising the bar in winter tourism by adding an additional section at EMITT fairgrounds, dedicated specifically to winter sports this year.
Noting that the world’s leading winter tourism headquarters as Austria, Italy and Bulgaria have already reserved their places at EMIT 2014 Exhibition, Aydın wrapped up by informing that Turkish and international ski resorts, hotels, thermal facilities, equipment manufacturers, non-profit organizations and press agencies in the field of winter sports will all be attending EMITT 2014 Exhibition.

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