South East Europe is one of the new breed of destinations attracting interest from the meetings and events industry. The Conventa trade show showcasing the diversity of South East European destinations, demonstrates the region can deliver high level of professionalism, knowledge and expertise in the meeting industry world. The three trends the Conventa trade show adheres to are:
Exploring emerging markets
The IBTM Global Meetings Industry Research, recently presented at the EIBTM, demonstrates that in the year ahead meeting planners will increasingly use new destinations. According to the study 62.6 % of meeting planners will hold their upcoming meetings and events in new destinations such as Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and even Albania.
The Conventa trade show showcases the diversity of South East European destinations. “We invite meeting planners to be in trend and personally experience this emerging region in the world of meetings« enthused Miha Kovacic, Conventa Organiser.
Incorporating sustainable practices
Sustainability trends are shaping the meetings industry. Conventa is fully committed to reduce the negative environmental impacts of the trade show by implementing sustainable practices that add value to all participants and the local community. Conventa introduces a number of sustainable practices and strives to measure their impacts. Winning the Sustainable Stand Award at EIBTM 2011, global meetings & events exhibition, Conventa therefore considers as a special honour.
Offering tech-friendly experience
Meeting industry professionals expect a tech-friendly experience. As the popularity of technology continues to rise, meeting professionals increasingly expect content to be delivered in a tech-friendly fashion. Conventa enables meeting industry professionals to get up-to-date information on the mobile site. They can watch the highlights from the Conventa show and video presentations of meeting industry suppliers and destinations on Conventa TV. On spot meeting industry professionals can get around with the help of interactive multidata boards.
We kindly invite you to experience the region of South East Europe through the Conventa show. Apply for the last spaces in the Conventa hosted buyer programme taking place from 16 to 17 January 2013 in Ljubljana Slovenia.
For more information please visit Organizator: Slovenian Convention Bureau

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