Asia’s fourth largest source market spent more in 2010 on international tourism & the dominance of FIT
This report is prepared by TKS, organizer of Hong Kong’s only travel fair, ITE & MICE.
Hong Kong incurred US$17.5 billion in 2010 on international tourism expenditure, up 12% over 2009, and ranked 15th in the World and 4th in Asia after China (mainland) at US$54.9 billion, Japan at US$27.9 billion and South Korea at US$17.7 billion, according to UNWTO.
With a much smaller population, Hong Kong will thus have a higher per capita spending on international tourism than these top three Asian source markets. True, Hongkongers are frequent travelers, and Government statistics reported that they made 3% more or 84.44 million departures in 2010.

Many of these departures are for China (mainland), where Hong Kong citizens made over 26 million overnight trips in 2010, according to China’s official figures. A study by Hong Kong found residents of the city made 17.4% more private trips in 2009 to destinations in China outside Guangdong, almost all of which were overnight with average stay of 6.8 nights per trip per person.

Besides enjoying a relatively high income, it is also convenient for Hong Kong citizens to travel abroad. The Hong Kong SAR passport allows holder to visit over 140 countries and regions in the world, including EU, without visa. Moreover, English, an official language, is being widely spoken in the city.

Many in Hong Kong take overseas holiday part of the life style, and their enthusiasm only dented slightly even in hard time. In 2009, Hong Kong’s international tourism expenditure dropped only by 3.1%, which compared favorably with respective drops of Japan at 18.4% and South Korea at 21.1% in the same year.

Various published statistics indicate a significant portion of Hong Kong outbound travels are in FIT. Nearly 70% of visitors from Hong Kong to Japan are in FIT / non-package tour mode, and Hong Kong citizens made nearly 510,000 trips to Japan in 2010. The survey on the 70000 public visitors of ITE & MICE 2011, which drew over 3000 replies, found 72% preferring FIT and another 5% tailor-made tour groups.

For further info of the survey on our public visitors including where did they go in the past twelve months, please visit
The next ITE and ITE MICE will be held from June 14 to 17, 2012, and results of our next public survey will be published around August 2012.
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2) China’s Inbound Statistics – Dec 2010
3) Official statistics on “Transport, Communications and Tourism” are compiled by Census and Statistics Department
4) Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics – July 2010
5) Public Visitors Survey – ITE & MICE 2011
About ITE & MICE
The two trade days of ITE & MICE draw 11820 visitors from the travel trade, event industry, corporations and media, with 27% of them from mainland China and abroad, while its two public days draw nearly 70,000 visitors with 72% preferring FIT and another 5% tailor-made tours. Separate trade and public days enable ITE & MICE to promote, in parallel, trade and public visitors. Exhibitors therefore can enjoy great synergy by reaching, under the same roof, these different market segments.

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