Unfortunately, the search for more than 50 helpers and police officers was unsuccessful. The 56-year-old Florian Hallermann, GM of the well-known Zeavola Resort on Phi Phi Island in the province of Krabi in Thailand, was found dead yesterday afternoon.
The search team consisted of officials, the police, residents of the small island and employees of the Zeavola Resort.
They had been looking for the popular hotelier, who had been running the resort for several years, for five days. Hallermann was last seen alive with a backpack on Saturday during a walk on the beach. He was also filmed by a surveillance camera.
The police currently assume a death in an accident, but want to investigate the cause

Florian Hallermann was not only popular with his employees, but also a valued interlocutor and friend of the Thai tourism industry.He has written a book about sustainability and the environment in resorts and has also run the Zeavola Resort in a very environmentally friendly way.
Born in Austria, he lived with his family in Phuket for years and one of his dreams was a joint trip with his son on a motorcycle through Europe.

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