We all like Thailand, the country and also the friendly people. But now they need our support:
This is a quick update to you as you are one of the 12,000 signatories on the petition to #OpenThailandSafely by 1 July 2021 for vaccinated travellers, with no quarantine required.
A big thank you to you for your far-sighted support.
We will hand over the petition LETTER to the Thai Prime Minister, Tourism Minister, and TAT Governor at the end of March. Before then, we are aiming for a few thousand more signatures.
Can we, therefore, ask you to take these simple steps to help #OpenThailandSafely

•Please encourage your colleagues, friends, and family to sign the petition on the campaign’s WEBSITE, which is in both English and Thai.

•Please promote awareness of the #OpenThailandSafely campaign on your social media channels, by asking your followers to sign too.
If each of you can get one or two more people to sign, it will really help our campaign to save Thai tourism.

We are aware that there are quite a few conflicting plans being suggested. However, we believe opening on 1 July without quarantine for vaccinated travellers remains the most practical. It would give the travel industry time to prepare. It would give time to help build confidence in Thailand, which is much needed.

A study on the impact of the border closures on informal workers in the Thailand tourism industry, carried out by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), with support of the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok and Focusright, found that 75% have lost their jobs and have extreme financial difficulties which also affect their mental health. Over 70% of the interviewed workers need the country to be reopened and are ready to welcome international tourists.

Many other destinations around the world are already opening their borders to vaccinated tourists with NO quarantine. These destinations include the Maldives, Seychelles, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Estonia and a rapidly growing list of others.

The massive international media coverage that the #OpenThailandSafely campaign has received, reminds us that the world loves Thailand. Millions of vaccinated people around the world are ready, willing, and able to book and travel to Thailand safely.

So please encourage your contacts to sign the petition HERE and help us #OpenThailandSafely. We want the Thai Government to hear us and save our industry and with it the jobs of millions of families, starting 1 July.

I join with the other founders of the Open Thailand Safely Campaign in thanking you for your continued action to #OpenThailandSafely.
State,emt by
Willem Niemeijer
CEO, YAANA Ventures

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