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In many countries around the world, tourism professionals, airlines, hotel owners, hotel managers, but also many other employees in tourism are starting to think again about a new start after the Corona crisis and plan the restart.
Since the global tourism industry is currently on the ground, it will be very difficult to restart, but it is absolutely necessary in a timely manner.
However, many people in the tourism and trade fair industry have to rethink their future – or reschedule it. Tourism-Insider has been connected to worldwide tourism for 14 years now and is on the move. That is why publisher and editor-in-chief Joachim Fischer and his team decided to offer help during this difficult time.
The well-known Society Relations agency of PR entrepreneur Brita Segger from Hamburg has also joined this network:

SOCIETY RELATIONS & Communications offers individual press and public relations, strategic corporate, product and personality PR as well as perfect celebrity endorsement. The agency team design, organize and realize media events. Whether product launch, trade fair appearance, gala or openings. They increase the awareness of their customers, ensure permanent attention and invite attractive VIP guests and press representatives.

Brita Segger

This is how it can look on your next company event (Photo: Babirad Picture)

From now on it will be on tourism insiders
the new category
Tourism Market / jobs

Here, every executive in the tourism industry can – confidentially, but also with full name and contact options, offer or search for his services and new jobs, his tourist properties such as Hotels, parks, entertainment, restaurants etc.

Robert Raback

offer for sale or rent, but also looking for new shareholders and much more.
Tourism-insider provides this space and the corresponding background organization free of charge.

An email with the search or offer options to the address:
is enough.

Interested parties can contact us and we will pass on the inquiries or options confidentially.
If the provider wishes, we will publish all relevant contact details in a direct connection.

Joachim Fischer

Second new project:
In the new category “Marketing Tools / Social Media” we report on new trends , new and active Marketing Tools,, Social Media and all what is usefull for your daily work.

Sleeves up and tackle it, says Hagen Richter (Instagram #hagenrichter) not only in his fitness but also in his area of social media for customers,

Marketing tools and social media activities in the industry, as well as real estate. This department has been taken over by one of the most successful Instagramer, Hagen Richter. With currently 320,000 followers, he himself has become a social media specialist.

With this new service, the team from Tourism-Insider not only wants to offer their ties to the tourism industry, but also a little help.
Our specialists are also available for direct advice and support:

Joachim Fischer, Brita Segger, Robert Raback, Hagen Richter

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