The German government has just announced a global travel warning up to and including June 14, 2020. That means there will be no German vacation trips to other countries by this day. Neither in Europe nor in overseas travel countries like Asia, the Caribbean or America will there be any German vacationers by this date.
Nobody knows whether bookings will be made for this summer or even for the rest of the year. This affects not only German travelers, tour operators and travel agencies, but also the hotels and tourism companies in the holiday destination countries.

mumachen - embolden, a campaign of the Germany Tourism Industry Association

There is already talk of a 98% loss in the travel industry in Germany. In other countries, for example in Thailand, almost all hotels are currently empty and have been closed for weeks. In the popular holiday destination alone, there are said to be over 1 million unemployed tourism workers. Approx. 10,000 tour guides in Pattaya and Phuket alone, are unemployed and struggling to survive.

Nobody currently knows when, how and whether the crisis will improve to the “normal state” as before Corona!
The foreign tourist offices now have to fight even more to get tourists from Germany at some point because the Federal Government currently recommends vacationing in Germany!

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