A few days ago, Hagen Richter, one of the leading German fitness influencers, visited the resort Sea Sand Sun at Jomtien Beach near Pattaya on a photo journey through Thailand. He came looking for beautiful motives for his photos to the idea of a “breakfast in the pool” to organize. He got energetic support from the restaurant kitchen of the Sea Sand Sun Resort and the staff.
Hagen Richter, who has almost 300,000 followers today, posted a photo of a vitamin-rich fruit breakfast in the pool of his vacation villa in the resort. Over 8,000 followers worldwide liked this photo:

Hagen Richter with his breakfast at the pool of his Villa

Hagen Richter: “The photo was not only fun when it was created, because we first had to test how” floatable “the tablet is. I’m glad that my photo idea has convinced the hotel management and now every guest can take his breakfast in the pool.

The Sea Sand Sun Resort: “Hagens idea and especially the interest of his followers has convinced us to take the” breakfast in the pool “as an integral part of our offer. In the meantime, many of our international guests have booked the special breakfast and enjoyed it with a lot of fun. We are now waiting for the next idea from Hagen which we can take over again “.

The new breakfast in the pool of the Sea Sand Sun Resort

This is real Influencer marketing, as it should be: the well-known influencer Hagen Richter makes a post on Instagram and the hotel can be influenced and reacts with a new offer. On the other hand, that pleases the guests and the followers

The Mainpool with a view to the oceanat the Sea Sand Sun Resort, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand

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