Today, the Supervisory Board of BER Berlin Airports has published the new opening date of the new capital city airport BER. With a delay of nine years and billions of additional costs, the airport is scheduled to open on October 31, 2020. After six futile attempts!
The former Berlin Airport Berlin Tegel TXL should then be closed on 8 November 2020 forever!
While other world cities are building additional airports, Berlin is the only major city in the world to mine airports.
Many years ago, the venerable city airport Tempelhof was closed against the will of many citizens and now the international airport TXL is to be closed next year.

Two problems:a former AirBerlin Plane in front of the construction of the new airport

However, many experts, journalists and citizens (by the way, we too) still do not quite believe in this new date – there are too many problems and shortcomings to fix in the remaining eleven months.

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