According to International Telecommunication Union, 5G is a fifth generation cellular network technology that boasts a maximum network speed of 20Gbps. The technology’s 4G LTE is twenty times faster and its capacity is 100 times greater. It also facilitates the operation of fourth industrial revolution technology, such as virtual reality, automatic driving, and IoT technology. With increasing emphasis on data collection, analysis, and utilization in ICT technology, the ability to gather and process massive amount of data has grown to become critical in order to compete and survive in the fourth industrial revolution.
Even in the MICE industry, it is required to supply network and WiFi service with 5G technology when hosting large scale events. The ability to exchange and process massive amounts of data with the central server, which is made possible with 5G’s extraordinary speed and connectivity, has introduced an innovative way to run conferences in which the organizer, technology suppliers, and participants use 5G to interact with one another. Aventri, an event management technology company, claims that 5G would increase the efficiency of events in the MICE industry by realizing online streaming and real time online communication.

Furthermore, 5G’s ability to unlock the full potential of augmented and virtual realities will facilitate interaction among attendees at events and provide them with more opportunities to have a range of diverse experiences. The adoption of 5G technology by the MICE industry will increase the efficiency of events by bringing the physical world together with the digital world.

Emseo, a hotel technology provider, emphasized the need for the hotel industry to construct 5G infrastructure in order to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution, as the use of 5G technology will become prevalent throughout major cities of the world within the next three to five years.

Let’s take a look at a case study on the adoption of 5G by the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) adopted 5G in order to resolve problems caused by the simultaneous use of massive amounts of data by event attendees, and also to provide them with faster network and data service. LACC is the first convention center in America to install a 5G network. Besides adopting the 5G technology, the convention center also installed 100 new antennae inside its facilities and upgraded the 4G LTE network, which enhanced its communication and network functionality.

The 5G technology that LACC adopted was built through a partnership between Mobile World Congress Americas and Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA). Mobile World Congress Americas expresses anticipation for the role that technology will play in MICE events that take place at the center. Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau hopes to introduce the technology to LACC as soon as possible so that it can be adopted throughout the entire state of Los Angeles. The Bureau also conveyed its ambition to become the best “digital city” in America by constantly working to improve 5G technology.

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