The a & o sound: keyword “Influencer hype” Europe’s largest hostel chain has already decided: No more money for influencer marketing! Online marketing boss Thomas Hertkorn on advertising on Instagram & Co. The discussion about the future of Instagram and YouTube stars is currently beating high waves and many consider the era of high-paid influencers already as finished. Are you maybe guilty yourself?
One – according to own statement the world – largest study of the advertising agency Jung von Matt in any case comes to this result: The Boom is over! Thomas Hertkorn, Online Marketing Director at a & o Hotels, agrees and explains why: “Very little editorial control”, “barely measurable direct impact” and “disproportionately high costs” – these were the reasons for a & o’s commitment to things Influencer Marketing already set in the early autumn of this year: “Our maxim is finally ‘best value for money’ – we want no cost drivers, but affordable added value for our guests.”

Own fault?
Comment by Joachim Fischer
A similar result was also shown by a short telephone survey by Tourism-Insider’s editors: After the hype that all marketing people around the world have gone through, there is now more and more disillusionment: Influencer marketing is too expensive, the results and target groups usually do not fit, but some of them International marketers also say, “Influencers are often responsible for their behavior. Too often come youthful influencers and demand not only free hotel rooms and exclusive catering, but also money. If you look at the “followers” then you may find 2-3 percent, which could afford such a hotel or possibly.
Influencer marketing may be helpful for young fashion, music and entertainment, but not for hotel and tourist topics.
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