Las Vegas is probably the most notorious city for gambling in the world but, it is more than that; Las Vegas is not all just about gambling. Gambling is a big part of Vegas but, there are a lot more events that will make you want to visit this mesmerizing city. From shows, and music festivals to great restaurants and themed hotels, Vegas has them all, with everything else in between.
Las Vegas is never sleeping, you can take part in entertaining activities all the time, and regardless of when you go out, you will always find people with similar goals in mind as you.

If there’s something else that makes Las Vegas so famous besides gambling, it’s the city’s ability to put up a great show that you can enjoy while being in your adventure through the famous Strip.

Las Vegas, the shinning city

You can listen Maroon 5 on the 30th and the 31st of December, 2018 at Mandalay Bay or, Britney Spears in eight different dates in February at Park Theater or, even Bruno Mars with some special guests at the T-Mobile Arena at the end of December. You can also watch plenty of great shows and band tributes that are going on weekly in the venues of the big hotels.

However, besides all these shows, you can also take part in plenty of festivals and events, one of them being the 2019 Great Vegas Festival of Beer on the 5th and 6th of April in the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. You can also join the 2019 Unique Bordeaux Wine Tasting Event-Vegas in 26th of January or, the Exodus Festival Las Vegas to kick off the summer in 16th of May.

Of course, Vegas is famous for gambling so, we couldn’t talk about it without mentioning the hotels, casinos, and gambling events.

You can probably walk into any casino, at any time, and you will be able to see dozens of people, both tourists, and locals, playing the slots. Lately, more and more people started playing online slots games, and because of that, there are less in the land-based casinos but, you can still find a big community there.

The lights in Las Vegas never stops

However, if you’re a poker player, you don’t have to wait months to join one of the popular World Series of Poker tournaments, you can take part in tournaments any day. Just to name a few, Bellagio has a daily tournament at 2 PM, Caesars Palace has four of them from 10 AM to 9 PM, and Mirage has three as well. Pretty much every big casino has daily bigger tournaments; there are dozens more that people can join besides those mentioned above.

After all those events and gambling activities that you’re going to take part in while being in Vegas, you will, undoubtedly, have to get some food, and some light drinks at some point. And, Las Vegas is surely not a let-down when it comes to food since you can pick from dozens of great restaurants with specific themes and great food.

If you’re a fan of pizza, then Pizza Rock is going to be a perfect match for you since this place has some of the best pizza in Las Vegas, from the Italian classics to the more rare types from around the world.

Las Vegas,dreamcity by day and night

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés is a place that you’re probably going to end up loving if foods full of meat is something that you’re looking for. The great taste of the food is guaranteed by José Andrés, a known chef that will ensure that you’re only going to get the best that there it is.

Eatt is going to be your go in case you’re a fan of gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and vegan dishes, all prepared under the guidance of chef Yuri Szarzewski.

But, if going out for a drink, or more is what you want then, Velveteen Rabbit, Hyde, The Chandelier, The Dorsey, and dozens more are going to be what you’re looking for. All of them, located on the Strip, with menus and drinks never seen before that will surely be a pleasure to drink.

If you’re about to have some fun in Las Vegas and attend some of these events and places, then, you probably have to cover the essential part first, accommodation. You can pick from a huge variety of hotels, starting with the famous ones that appeared in movies like Hard Rock, The Cosmopolitan, and Bellagio, or, newer ones like the Wynn or the Park MGM. Most of these have casinos incorporated in the hotels, to keep the overall Las Vegas theme going.

Las Vegas is a city that will surely keep you busy constantly, with new activities, and places to see all the time.

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