The representatives of Nigeria are overwhelmed to have won one of the coveted awards of the International Film-Print-Multimedia Competition “The Golden City Gate” at ITB Berlin.
It was a big surprise for Nigeria and the filmmaker Wilfred Ukpong to receive one of the awards for the 7 Minute Trailer “Future World” in the category “Eco Tourism” during ITB Berlin in March 2018. Ukpong did not want to miss the opportunity and came to Berlin to receive the award in person.
Wilfrid Ukpong was very proud to receive the Multimedia Award “The Golden City Gate” for his country. Otobong Amos, Executive Producer of Future World, made it possible to present the award at the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin with the participation of Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Tugger.

Wilfred Ukpong (filmmaker) with the award

The film “Future World” criticizes the state of oil pollution and the health consequences for the people in his country. Furthermore, he draws attention to climate change as one of the most important global issues.

The president of Thompson & Grace LTD, Isaac Thompson Amos and executive producer Otobong were so enthusiastic about the award that they invited the president of “The Golden City Gate”, Wolfgang Jo Huschert and his wife Ute Huschert to Nigeria to hand over the award once more to invited guests on stage in Abuja.

Tribute on the stage in Nigeria in front of a high-ranking audience. From the right: the married couple Huschert, the leading actress Marvelous Dominion, filmmaker Wilfred Ukpong and the Deputy German Ambassador in Nigeria Regine Hess

Four TV channels and some Nigerian magazines asked for short interviews in front of the big “Future World” wall. Wolfgang Jo Huschert was even more astonished when he entered the festively decorated ballroom with more than 200 invited guests. A moderator welcomed the Huschert´s and introduced the invited delegates, such as the Deputy German Ambassador Regine Hess, the ambassadors from Norway, Great Britain and the Nigerian ambassador in Germany. As well as the ministers of the Nigerian Ministry of Tourism, Senator Dr. Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, Chairman of the Culture and Tourism Committee, and Prince Arthur Eze from the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

All newspapers in Nigeria and lots from surrounding countries reported about the honoring by “The Golden City Gate”.

The handover of the award to Wilfred Ukpong in front of these many high-ranking guests and EXXON Mobil Chairman Udom Inoyo was a highlight for the representatives of “The Golden City Gate” competition, said Wolfgang Jo Huschert after the event.

In his speech, Huschert called on Nigeria and its creative filmmakers to take part at the next edition of the multimedia competition “The Golden City Gate” at ITB 2019. As chairman of the board of the “Bundesverband Deutscher Film und AV-Produzenten e.V.”, he also promised to seek business contacts and financing opportunities in Germany for the great fiction movie project “Future World”.

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