The hospitality industry is exploding in Dubai, with dozens upon dozens of hotels coming to what is debatably the hottest city for tourism on the face of the planet. Not all of these hotels, are as glitzy and glamorous as one might believe.
In fact, experts with the Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI) website have rated two hotels specifically as the worst luxury openings of 2017 in Dubai.
LTI is a members-only resource for wealthy world travelers, and the hotels that it ranked at the bottom of its new luxury hotel table are The Dukes Dubai and Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai. These rankings criticized the properties for different reasons, noting that The Dukes had not lived up to the elegant precedent that had been set by its sister property in London, while also saying that the Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai was seeming to have a bit of a “shaky start.”

What’s also noteworthy, however, is that the same site ranked another luxury hotel in the same city as the best new launch in the world for 2017, bestowing that particular accolade upon Bulgari Hotel and Resorts, which LTI praised for its “private and understated nature.” The dual positions on the list depict something of an interesting contrast within Dubai, to be certain.

For those who are unfamiliar with the site, LTI produces an annual ranking of luxury hotels each year, and in 2017, the site’s experts visited 74 new hotels across the globe, paying for those visits and experiences out of their own pockets as to not make themselves vulnerable to accusations of bias. In regards to these rankings, LTI co-founder Michael Crompton has been quoted as saying, “Remarkably, Dubai has delivered both the Best New Luxury Hotel of 2017 and the only two contenders for the Worst. We will be reporting on the intriguing Dubai scene for the luxury traveler in more detail during 2018.”

Let’s take a look at a few projects currently underway in Dubai:
Taj Arabia
The magnificent Taj Arabia Palace Hotel, a breathtaking look-a-like of the original and yet four times larger

The Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences
The Royal Atlantis Resort will soar 47 storeys

by Paramount Hotels & Resorts
A hotel and residential complex located in the heart of the stylish Burj area

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