Thailand with its worldwide known tourism island Phuket and Kyrgyzstan will present their natural beauties by exhibiting for the first time in Travel Turkey Izmir to be held on 7-11 December for the 11th time.bThe fair at the 11th time will show touristic richness of Turkey and various regions of the world to domestic and foreign tourism investors, agencies, purchasers and to end consumers making vacation plans.
Travel Turkey Izmir aiming to accelerate tourism in 2018 with the help of bilateral business negotiations to be done, will also enhance the commercial potential.

The Special Section of Hotel Equipment and Tourism Transportations
A special section will be formed in Travel Turkey Izmir for the hotel sector coming to prominence as one of the key elements of tourism. Exhibitors and visitors coming to the fair will have an opportunity to examine the options to satisfy their demands in the area that will be formed under the name ‘Special Section of Hotel Equipment’. Many automotive companies will exhibit new and the most attractive models intended to tourism transportation in the Special Section of Tourism Transportation to be realized in Hall B of fuarizmir within the scope of the fair.

Partner country Ukraine, Partner Province Nevşehir
The partner country of the 11th Travel Turkey Izmir will be Ukraine. The synergy becomes even more important due to the travel opportunity between Turkey and Ukraine without passport. The partner province is Nevşehir having extraordinarily beautiful historical and natural values will promote hotels and agencies, tourism alternatives in its region to professionals.

Hosted Buyers Program
The fair hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with partnership of İZFAŞ and TÜRSAB will constitute a ground for new agreements of cooperation. Travel Turkey Izmir will continue this year also to bring the representatives and hosted buyers of tourism sector coming from the four corners of the world with participant companies through the Hosted Buyers Program realized every year.

The foreign purchasers brought in the framework of Hosted Buyers Program held by the support of Turkish Airlines and the participants are expected to perform important business negotiations.

For the first time
There will be countries exhibiting for the first time in Travel Turkey Izmir to be organized at fuarizmir. Thailand being one of the most popular destinations of South Asia with its tropical islands on which movies were made, with its spectacularly beautiful nature visited by millions of tourists every year and being remembered with its temples and natural beauties, will exhibit for the first time in Travel Turkey Izmir with national participation.

Phuket is coming to Iszmir

Phuket Island, the largest island of Thailand, being among the places where warm weather and deep blue sea along with multicolored oriental culture can be experienced best, will have a booth in the Fair.

Kyrgyzstan being one of the 7 independent Turkish countries will take part in Travel Turkey Izmir. Kyrgyzstan, described as the heart of Central Asia with its natural beauties will have an opportunity to present itself and to make commercial relations and tourism agreements during the Fair.

Kirgistan for the first time attend Travel Turkey in Iszmir

The countries that participate for the first time will have an opportunity to meet with both national and foreign participants due to the presentations they will make. It is planned to conclude new touristic agreements for 2018 by bilateral negotiations.

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