Due to the diverse spaces and an attractive all-inclusive package, Las Vegas is the ideal destination for fairs and conferences of any kind. It’s therefore no surprise that the city, for the fourth time, received an award from the World Travel Awards for being the “World´s Leading Meeting & Conference Destination”. The Las Vegas Convention Center has been the scene of many international trade fairs for years and is now being expanded and renovated. In order to make space for the 154,000 square meters area, the Rivera Hotel was removed in 2016. The project affects Las Vegas´ economy and is supposed to save the position as popular business and convention destination.
Tourism is Nevada´s main economic factor. It brings South Nevada a total of 52 billion US Dollars and offers jobs to 368,900 people. Hence, almost half of South Nevada´s population works in the tourism industry. “The decision to expand is a unique opportunity for Nevada”, says Rossi Ralenkotter, president and CEO of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.
“Our destination grows through evolution and innovation and we welcome Nevada´s Legislative and Governor Sandoval´s decision, allowing Las Vegas to keep its position as a tourism destination.” The project of the Convention Center District will be finished in 2020 and will cost approximately 1.4 billion US Dollars. The Las Vegas Convention Center expands its existing 204,000 square meters of meeting and exhibition area by another 56,000 square meters and an additional 6,000 jobs will be created. Of the 22,000 meetings, conferences, and incentives in 2015, already 22 percent were held in the Convention Center. The expansion will also help the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to bring in new congresses, conventions and events into the city, as well as grow existing ones.

Convention Center Las Vegas

The city in the desert has been the top event destination in North America for years and presents the right offer for small meetings and incentives with 10 attendees, up to big fairs with 150,000 guests. With almost 150,000 hotel rooms and more than 1,022,000 square meters in meeting and exhibition space, as well as countless entertainment, food and event offers, there are countless opportunities for groups of all kinds. Additionally, the hotels´ and airport´s location is very well situated.
But also the organizers benefit from the location. Las Vegas‘ attractiveness leads to higher visitor numbers. In comparison with other locations, Las Vegas´ visitor numbers increase on average by eight percent. Furthermore, studies have shown that the visitors spend more time on events when they take place in Las Vegas.

Convention Center Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) markets the southern Nevada worldwide as a tourism and meeting destination. Furthermore it operates the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Cashman Center. With round about 150,000 hotel rooms and nearly one million km2 of meeting and exhibition area the LVCVA is working on a consistent growth of attendance figures, as well in the leisure as in the business area.

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