International travel will continue to increase in 2016
Tourism is and will remain a growing industry worldwide. According to the World Tourism Organization UNWTO, the number of arrivals increased by more than four percent in the past year. Industry observers are expecting an even higher rate this year. But more guests also mean that also more and modern hotel rooms are needed.
TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the specialized service provider in the exchange of cutting-edge information between clients and contractors in the international hotel industry, is noticing a continuous hotel boom in almost every region worldwide.

Overview of the international hotel projects by region:
•North, Central and South America – 1,695 hotel projects – 352,190 rooms
•Europe – 1,520 hotel projects – 253,453 rooms
•Asia/Pacific – 1,536 hotel projects – 409,120 rooms
•Middle East – 525 hotel projects – 149,915 rooms
•Africa – 323 hotel projects – 77,784 rooms

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the development of destinations: environmental protection in the construction of hotels and resorts, increased use of energy-saving heating and building technology, regional foods and the careful handling of employees and residents – all that is gaining increasing attention. The World Tourism Organization has therefore convened a summit on sustainable development in tourism in May in Beijing. A symposium covering this subject will also take place this autumn in Germany at Heilbronn University.

TOPHOTELPROJECTS collects and evaluates data about all hotel construction projects and hotel chains worldwide in an online database and provides its subscribers with a comprehensive overview of all major hotel projects, refurbishments and extensions worldwide. The online database currently holds over 5,500 live and confirmed projects and more than 2,000 hotel brands.

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