by Carmen Mancarella
Sea, culture and fun: in just a word Italy. Iberotel Apulia ( is a resort located very close to the beautiful beaches of Puglia, in the Salento, where you can enjoy a wonderful experience, taking time for yourself, taking care of your body and spirit.In a breathtaking natural setting, a few kilometers from the baroque and the byzantine cities, rich in archaeological remains, it is possible to have fun with the delicious italian style “aperitivo” , offered at dusk, while the sun dives in the sea waves.
Iberotel Apulia is located in Salento, the southern part of Apulia region,a number one tourism destination in Italy, more and more appreciated by foreign travelers.
Between 14th May and 4th June and between 10th and 30th September Iberotel Apulia (www.iberotel will become the world capital of anti stress. All the guests of the resort will enjoy free wellness services and all inclusive tariffs.
The goal of the proposal? It is the physical and mental wellbeing, to recharge before facing a new winter season. Nothing better than a healthy break focused on oneself, in a unique natural context. The resort stands in the heart of the Regional coastline Park of Ugento. It has been built in hard stone from Lecce. All rooms, from the standard ones to the suites ones, overlook on typical local court, where people used to live their social life with the neighborhood. All the rooms are immersed in the silence of a lush pine forest, which crowns the crystal clear sea.

Clean water, sandy beach close to the Hotel

Iberotel Apulia is also an ecological resort. it means local fresh grown products, water reuse, reduction of carbon dioxide immissions in the air, recycling and very limited plastic product use. All these aspects made the Resort to earn the title Tui Umwelt Champion and Gold Travelife Award.
A simple walk on the beach will be enough to regenerate, especially at sunset, when the sun dips into the sea, or very early in the morning, among the drops of dew when Nature awakes.
Amazing is also the pools park with its heated water, whirlpools and slides for the everybody’s amusement, both children and adults.
While children and teens have fun at the mini-club or the amphitheatre, adults can choose among several courses: yoga, pilates, meditation, fitness and Gym, facial gymnastics, a valid alternative to surgery.
In a land that is the meeting place between East and West could not miss the oriental disciplines: qi gong which, taking inspiration from the Chinese medicine and martial arts, aims to the strengthening of the internal energy, through meditation, mental concentration and breathing control. There also is the Tai Chi, the Chinese boxing, practiced in the West as preventive medicine.
You can also have fun with Nordic walking, golf lessons and finally with Smovey, a deep relaxation and fun technique, that uses music and vibrating rings to harmonize the cerebral hemispheres.
In addition, you can enjoy spa treatments on request , designed on specific needs.
To complete this healthy experience, it is possible to taste biological and vegetarian dishes, centrifuged and fresh fruit juices throughout all the day.

The Terracce Scirroco at the Iberotel Ampulia

On 22th May, the world’s leading wellness experts, guided by the anti stress coach Simon Elliot, will meet in a conference to discuss and experiment new relaxation techniques, to improve more and more the offer for customers.
Iberotel is the permanent site of the anti stress Academy, which is made up of other 14 five stars resorts, that have embraced the worldwide anti stress philosophy, practised from Indonesia to Greece, from Cuba to Fiji and French Polynesia, through Ukraine, the French Riviera, Austria, Cuba, Morocco, China, Malaysia and Mexico (
All the 14 resorts have as a reference the anti stress Academy, located in the Iberotel Apulia, to update and always offer the best to their guests.

Every night show and fun at the hotel

Only 14 Hotels in the world have this. the own antistress academy

A Standard Room in the all inclusive Iberotel Ampulia

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