Scandalous, funny, exaggerated and to the point: “Your Life Is Porn”, Alek Sandar and Amanda Lepore say in Alek’s new hit “P.O.R.N.”. See it HERE or HERE.
In a world where the likes on facebook, views on YouTube, followers on Instagram are more important than actual talent, everybody is fighting for more attention on social media.
The sexier – the more likes. “This song goes out to all attention whores on social media”, says Alek. “Like Me, Push Me” adds the legendary Amanda Lepore who is featured in the pop anthem. With a spectacular video shot in New York, “P.O.R.N.” nails a highly discussed issue at the moment. Are the views and likes on social media overrated?

Alek Sandar and Amanda Lepore

Out Magazine premiered “P.O.R.N.” exclusively for the U.S. on September 3rd, while the rest of the world can now see the sexy video on Alek’s VEVO channel.
Alek currently composes and produces music for some of Bulgaria’s leading names in the pop industry, such as Galin, Andrea, Desislava and many more.

“Use #YourLifeIsPorn when sharing on social and maybe you’ll get a little more famous as well.” Out Magazine
“Thousands of fans get crazy with Alek Sandar in Germany”
“The young Bulgarian impresses with stunning video shot in Manhattan” News 7, Bulgaria
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