In the summer with a brand new program. Aquanario®, the first time at the Flughafen Tempelhof – an live open air festival of big emotions and shining moments. This year with Paul Van Dyk, Lichtmond, “Dit is Berlin” and the Klassik Nacht with Paul Potts! The Flughafen Tempelhof is one of the biggest open air locations of the city of Berlin. It gained another big attraction with Aquanario®. This year Michael Wuscher, organizer and inventor of Aquanario® puts the live acts and the variety of the Show in the foreground.
“Our audience loves the combination of Aquanario® with live acts. With the new location we are moving in the middle of the city and hope to reach people in the whole world to see our show.”

AQUANARIO® 2015 ( Picture Marika Tasler)

Paul Van Dyk will start the Aquanario® season in 2015 on 27th of August, he will give a very special feeling with his new written musical screenplay with smooth sounds to the Aquanario®- Show. The Grammy-nominated producer and globally successful DJ will support this venue with his band & special guests. Waterfountains, fire-, pyro- and laser-technology will crown the multimedia sound spectacle. The big waterscreen shows impressive pictures and movies.

On 28th of August, Aquanario® gets the electronic-,ambient,- and rock ensemble Lichtmond, on the stage. The with gold and platin awarded sound artists Giorgio and Martin Koppehele provide the perfect sound and take the visitor on an absorbing tale. The duo plays with different types of music: sometimes hypnotic, sometimes spharic, massive with loud electronic guitars or Slow-Motion-Beats. The magic triangle of electronic-, ethno- and rock-songs, impressive voices and touching poetry shape the originality of Lichtmond melts together with the waterfountains, lasereffects, pyrotechnic, fire and light of Aquanario® to an impressive evening.

“Dit is Berlin” is a hommage to the thrilling metropolis Berlin, the cultural melting pot of germany. The visitors are taken on a voyage through the history of the town, which is so faceted as the life in it. Sometimes grandiose, disreputable, sad but also funny, pulsing and progressive. Waterfountains, towers of fire, pyrotechnic and laser represent the feeling of Berlin. On the great waterscreen unique pictures of the history of berlin are shown. Emotional and thrilling: Just like Berlin.
The final event is the Best of Classic Night & Special Guests: In front of the impressing panorama of Flughafen Tempelhof underneath the starry sky classical melodies are heard. The melodies of the most famous componists of the word are highlighted by the water-, fire- and light-effects of Aquanario®. Aquanario® is an impressive play with dancing figures of water and light.

The Stage ( picture Marika Tasler)

Aquanario® is an impressive play of water-, laser- and pyroeffects, light and music with impressive pictures and movies shown on the big waterscreen. Since world premier in 2012 200.000 visitors saw the open air event.

Aquanario® feat. Paul van Dyk & Special Guests in Concert – 27th August 2015
Aquanario® feat. Lichtmond – 28th August 2015
Aquanario® – The new show “Dit is Berlin” – 29th August 2015
Aquanario® – Klassik Nacht “Best of Klassik & Special Guests” – 30th August 2015
Location: Flughafen Tempelhof
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