WTO statistics point to a spending of $20 billion on regional & outbound travel from the Middle East region by 2020. The six GCC countries alone represent around 60% of this market. Dubai & Qatar winning the bid to host the World Expo 2020 & the World Cup 2022 respectively, will further accelerate economic growth throughout the MENA region.
In 2015, the prestigious Annual MICE Arabia Congress will be held against the backdrop of the mammoth commercial hub of the Middle – East, Dubai. Unlike traditional trade shows, the 3rd Annual MICE Arabia Congress is an “invitation only” event & opens neither to the public nor visitors. 100 pre-qualified and thoroughly sifted buyers – Corporates and Agencies from across the GCC that are actively seeking unique destinations, venues and travel connoisseurs from around the world for their regional and outbound travel requirements will congregate at a 5 star luxury hotel for the congress. The congress creates a powerful networking platform that allows suppliers of this niche, outbound segment to build in-depth business relationships with highly sought after MICE & Luxury Travel buyers.

Suppliers are guaranteed, pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings with pre-selected buyers. On top of the formal business meetings, the program is girdled with a state of the art networking program including evening networking reception & 5 star corporate luncheons. There is also a cutting edge conference allowing all participants to gain insight into emerging trends in this industry.

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