Increased PSC for AirAsia International Flights starting 1 December 2011. MAHB increase airport tax for all international flights departing from Malaysian airports
Beginning 1 December 2011, all guests flying to international destinations from Malaysia will be subjected to new Passenger Service Charge (PSC) rates, as Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) implemented an increase of the PSC for all international flights departing from airports throughout Malaysia.
The PSC, commonly referred to as ‘airport tax’, is paid by guests and collected by AirAsia on behalf of MAHB. All amount collected are channeled to the airport operator, with none of the sum shared by AirAsia.

AirAsia Berhad Chairman, Dato’ Aziz Bakar said, “As a low cost travel loyalist, we believe that increased cost needs to be justified with good quality facilities and services for everyone, which are definitely not up to par at the moment; space for check-in counters, limited parking space, security, quality of toilets, cleanliness of the facilities are not worth the increase. Furthermore, travelers in Kuching and Langkawi have demanded for more international routes, but we might not be able to fulfill this as the raised airport tax will decrease the demand for travel. The substantial price of RM65 is almost half the price of our international route fare. This will discourage people from taking holidays and put the tourism industry at a major risk.”

“It is important for our guests to know that we do not derive any profit from the airport tax collected from them, as the entire amount goes to MAHB, the airport operator. We know that the revised airport tax will be a burden to many of our guests. We have pleaded our case with the airport operator and relevant authorities numerous times to have the decision reversed. Regrettably, we did not succeed and the airport tax increment stands at the moment.”

“As a true low cost airline, we perform at our best to provide the lowest fares for everyone, but it needs to be matched with reasonable airport tax for everyone to enjoy pure low cost travel. We urge the tour and hotel regulators to voice their dissatisfaction to MAHB as the increase are unfair, making holidays unaffordable and pushing the tourists away.”

All AirAsia guests may channel their enquiries or concerns regarding the revised airport tax directly to the airport authority by writing to the CEO of MAHB at or via its online feedback form available at

MAHB Airport Tax (PSC) Charges for International Flights (beginning 1 December 2011):
Airport irport Code OLD Airport Tax NEW Airport Tax
Langkawi International Airport LGK 51 65
Penang International Airport PEN 51 65
Kuching International Airport KCH 51 65
Kota Kinabalu International ( 2) BKI 25 32


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