Best MITM Ever

The last edition of MITM Americas in Havana, Cuba, turned out to be the best MITM ever. The exhibitors’ post-MITM evaluation report rating the events as “poor”, “fair”, “good” and “excellent” gave the following results.

Trade Fair Format 45% 55%
Trade Fair Organization 43% 57%
Business Opportunities 1% 49% 50%
Overall Rating 48% 52%

All exhibitors had either 20 or 10 (half stand) pre-scheduled individual meetings with the buyers, reporting only two no-shows and a total of 109 extra non-scheduled additional meetings.

90% of the scheduled meetings were performed at the scheduled times.

All exhibitors informed that they would repeat in 2010 in Quito, Ecuador, with the exception of 9 who did not yet know at this time.

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